Medieval Dress with Petal Sleeves Sewing Pattern, Sizes 8-22
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This Medieval costume pattern is a full length princess line costume. With additional shaping around the bust area for an accentuated bust.


The bottom of the skirt will fit over a standard hoop skirt should you wish to wear one (the pattern for a hoop skirt is not included).


The front and back centre panels of the dress gather up for a comfortable fit with elastic, and a little extra width has been added to each to enable the dress to be pulled on over the head. The front panel will feature a small ruffle at the top once made. Note: the front gather will be a lot more pronounced than the back as the bust dart excess is taken up in this area, so try not to use to heavy a fabric on this panel.


The dress features 10 loops on the front and 10 on the back for tightening the dress.


The sleeves drop a full 55-60cm (depending on the size you are making). The sleeves are a lovely petal shape, which means they split on the top of the arm and hang down from the elbow. This is a nice solution to those that have worn the long Medieval style sleeves that cover the hand and find they get in the way. With the sleeve hanging from the elbow, movement will be much easier. The sleeves should be fully lined, but you could also just hem them and decorate should you wish.


This dress will require a beginner to intermediate skill level of sewing, and an understanding of pattern markings. If in any doubt please seek a good sewing book. You will be required to make loops, hem, gather and fit sleeves.

Full colour graphic sewing instructions are included.



Approximate amounts of fabric required (all sizes):

410cm main fabric (all sizes) 150cm wide, stretch velvet recommended
(woven fabrics can be used without the need for a fastener as extra width has been added
to both the front and back panels)
135cm contrasting fabrics (all sizes)150cm wide, silks, taffetas, satins, cottons etc, or complimentary velvet colours.
1m flat elastic 6mm wide
Ribbons or cords for fastening. Length and width to suit, min 12m recommended.
Matching threads.

Please see included instructions on further requirements.


The patterns included are size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 (see size charts). These are FULL SIZE patterns (this is an all in one/multisized pattern so you can adjust the pattern should you be an in between size, and cut the size you need).

For more information on sizing please see: Size Charts

Colour graphic instructions are included. Each step by step picture is in colour and easy to follow.

The digital versions of the patterns are readable on all computers, you will need to have pdf reading software installed on your PC to view the files. There are many free packages available, a popular one can be found on, although you may wish to find one which suits you, Microsoft also offer free pdf reading software.