Can I order a paper sewing pattern from you? No. At the present time the paper patterns have been discontinued due to manufacturing costs. However, they may be re-introduced some time in the future  

How much do you charge for shipping? All  digital patterns are free shipping, as these are delivered to you as a digital download minutes after completing the checkout via the system.  

What payment methods will you accept? At the present time we are able to accept payments using PayPal and direct checkout. These services are free for you to use, and you will able to use your credit or debit card through them.  

How long will it take for me to receive the pattern? Once you've completed the checkout you'll automatically receive the links to the downloads via email. Please check your email account or if you've ordered through the website please also check your account.  

Do you make patterns for children's clothing? Yes, although only in small numbers, I hope to enlarge the children's clothing ranges soon.  

Do you make patterns for men's clothing?  Yes, although like the children's clothing, this is still only in small numbers.  

Will you make a custom pattern just for me? Generally the answer would be no, as I don't have the time. In some cases I do make exceptions, such as adding the finished design to my collection rather than for one off use. If you're happy to release the design then I'll gladly look into creating a pattern for it, for more information please email sales(at)lauramarshdesigns(dot)co(dot)uk. Remember to include any images, any copyright information and any other information relevant to the design. Please note that creating a pattern is not a quick process and I do reserve the right to refuse any custom work based on the work load at the time of request.  

Will you make a dress for me based on one of your patterns? I don't sew the garments from the patterns for re-sale nor do I take orders, this is simply down to a time requirement. Many seamstresses and tailors would love your business and you can usually find them through word of mouth or the Yellow Pages. Although please make sure they're happy to work with a digital pattern before you buy it, as many tailors will often prefer to work though different methods.  

What are your standard sizes? Please see the dress size chart for the standard British dress size. Please note, other Countries have different comparable sizes. I will only work to British sizes.  

Are your patterns Copyrighted? Yes. All of the patterns, images, and written material on this website are copyright Laura Marsh. Please note that as I am based in the UK, patterns, images and written material come under UK copyright law. Which means once something is created it automatically holds a copyright, there is no need to register, and should any other person wish to use any of the copyrighted material they are required to seek the permission of the copyright holder.  

Can I sell the items I make from your patterns? I ask kindly that you do not use the patterns for mass manufacturing purposes although small scale cottage industry use is encouraged. As the bargain price of the patterns is aimed at the home sewist/crafting market. If you should wish to use these patterns for large scale manufacturing please contact me first to arrange a licensing agreement and the additional cost incurred.

The above information on selling does not apply to items make from the basic pattern blocks/slopers that are available on the site. These are for you to use to create your own designs, which you may then use as you wish. But please do not reproduce the blocks as they are for re-sale.